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Young artist grants



The grant for young artists can be applied for by artists who have a qualification in visual arts and are aged 35 or younger. The grant amount is EUR 6,000. All successful applicants will receive their grants in December.

Age limit: The applicant must be 35 years of age or younger at the end of the application period (31 August 2023).

Studies: As a general rule, the applicant must have completed basic studies in visual arts. Finnish Art Society will consider, on a case-by-case basis, any applicants who are about to complete their studies and are already working as artists but have not yet officially graduated (they have, for example, completed one or both parts of their thesis). It is also possible for an individual to apply for a grant if they do not have a vocational qualification, but they have some other form of qualification and are working as a visual artist on a full-time basis.

Previous grants: The grant for young artists can only be received once.

Use of the grant: The grant may be awarded as a working grant or as a project grant. The grant may also be awarded to applicants attending further studies in Finland or abroad.

Apply by filling in the online form. A link to the form will be available HERE as of 1 May. Further information: info (at) Please note that the office is closed in July.



Thirty young artists received a grant of 6,000 euros each. A total of 331 applications were received. Eligibility for a young artist grant is limited to professionally qualified artists no older than 35 years of age.


1. Aho Miina (b. 1990, Helsinki), Helsinki / drawing, serigraphy

2. Blomberg Lotta (b. 1990, Kuopio), Helsinki / photography, video, ryijy rug art

3. Bruel Océane (b. 1991, Montpellier, France), Helsinki / sculpture, installation

4. Fleischmann Dominik (b. 1989, Würzburg, Germany), Helsinki / photography

5. Fox Maija (b. 1998, UK), Helsinki / sculpture

6. Heikkinen Joa (b. 1992, Jyväskylä), Turku / video, photography

7. Heinonen Toûa (b. 1990, Jyväskylä), Tampere / installation, performance

8. Pauliina Heinänen (b. 1992, Helsinki), Helsinki / photography

9. Helenius Venla (b. 1989, Turku), Helsinki / video art

10. Hemmilä Heidi / Hemuloordi (b. 1989, Tampere), Helsinki / ceramics, video art

11. Itälinna Roope (b. 1990, Pori), Turku / painting

12. Jasu Appu (b. 1987, Tammela), Helsinki / video, photography, sound art

13. Jula Henna (b. 1990, Turku), Helsinki / painting

14. Kevarinmäki Eetu (b. 1993, Seinäjoki), Helsinki / conceptual art

15. Kiviniemi Ville (b. 1986, Vantaa), Turku / drawing

16. Kojonen Maria (b. 1989, Alahärmä), Helsinki / photography, video, writing

17. Krage Annaliisa (b. 1993, Kiel, Germany), Espoo / painting

18. Kuokkanen Essi (b. 1991, Pieksämäki), Helsinki / painting

19. Leinonen Ari-Pekka (b. 1988, Paltamo), Helsinki / sound art

20. Leskinen Kira (b. 1987, Helsinki), Helsinki / scanner-based photography and tufted textiles

21. Murphy Aaro (b. 1991, Jyväskylä), Amsterdam / sculpture, installation, sound art

22. Niskala Jenni (b. 1990, Lahti), Helsinki / printmaking (roller, woodcut, block lithography)

23. Paananen Rainer (b. 1990, Vantaa), Vantaa / photography, sound art, installation

24. Reuter Oliver (b. 1994, Parainen), Helsinki / drawing, painting

25. Räinä Harriina (b. 1989, Kemi), Helsinki / graphic arts, photography, sculpture

26. Sarpaniemi Emma (b. 1993 Helsinki), Helsinki / photography

27. Tanttu Ananya (b. 1994, Helsinki), Helsinki / photography, moving image, installation

28. Toivonen Jenni (b. 1993, Tampere), Lisbon and Helsinki / photography, moving image, installation

29. Zhiyu Xiao (b. 1995, Hu Nan, China), Helsinki / painting, installation

30. One grant recipient did not give permission for their name to be published.


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