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Young artist grants



The grant for young artists can be applied for by artists who have a qualification in visual arts and are aged 35 or younger. The grant amount is EUR 6,000. All successful applicants will receive their grants in December.

Age limit: The applicant must be 35 years of age or younger at the end of the application period (31 August 2024).

Studies: As a general rule, the applicant must have completed basic studies in visual arts. Finnish Art Society will consider, on a case-by-case basis, any applicants who are about to complete their studies and are already working as artists but have not yet officially graduated (they have, for example, completed one or both parts of their thesis). It is also possible for an individual to apply for a grant if they do not have a vocational qualification, but they have some other form of qualification and are working as a visual artist on a full-time basis.

Previous grants: The grant for young artists can only be received once.

Use of the grant: The grant may be awarded as a working grant or as a project grant. The grant may also be awarded to applicants attending further studies in Finland or abroad.

Apply by filling in the online form. A link to the form will be available HERE as of 1 May.


Further information: info (at) Please note that the office is closed in July.



Thirty young artists received a grant of 6,000 euros each. A total of 358 applications were received, three of which were submitted by artist collectives. Young artist grants are intended for professionally trained artists aged 35 or younger.


  1. Cemin Laura (b. 1992, Italy), Helsinki / performance, installation

  2. Choo Wen-Yi Säde Eddie (b. 1988, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia), Helsinki / installation, media art

  3. Coffin Alyssa (b. 1991, Attleboro, USA), Helsinki / performance, installation

  4. Enegren Matilda (b. 1989, Vaasa), Helsinki / painting

  5. Haapamäki Sofia (b. 1991, Turku), Helsinki / installation, painting

  6. Halonen Jemiina (b. 1988, Askola), Helsinki / printmaking, drawing

  7. Henttu Sini (b. 1988, Kouvola), Helsinki / installation, video

  8. Huotari Kaisa (b. 1994, Jyväskylä), Helsinki / painting, installation

  9. Hyrri Juliana (b. 1989, Kohtla-Järve, Estonia), Helsinki / painting, drawing

  10. Hyry Adele (b. 1994, Espoo), Helsinki / photography, installation

  11. Joki Verna (b. 1988, Tampere), Helsinki / drawing, painting

  12. Korhonen Siiri (b. 1992, Oulu), Helsinki / sculpture, textile art

  13. Käyhkö Maija (b. 1992, Savonlinna), Berlin / sculpture, installation

  14. Köykkä J.P. (b. 1987, Seinäjoki), Ylöjärvi / painting, installation

  15. Lietonen Eeva (b. 1987, Lahti), Helsinki / painting, sculpture

  16. Manuchar Zagros (b. 1990, Sulaimaniyya, Iraq), Helsinki / video, photography

  17. Niskanen Anna (b. 1990, Helsinki), Helsinki / photography, printmaking

  18. Pathirane Henrik (b. 1987, Stockholm, Sweden), Helsinki / conceptual art, installation

  19. Rahikainen Jelina (b. 1993, Espoo), Helsinki / painting, sculpture

  20. Ruuska Ville (b. 1987, Jyväskylä), Turku / sculpture, photography

  21. Salvesen Aleksander (b. 1990, Lieto), Helsinki / media art, sculpture

  22. Suomenrinne Lada (b. 1995, Murmansk, Russia), Espoo / photography, video

  23. Takala Anni (b. 1990, Lahti), Lappeenranta / drawing, printmaking

  24. Toija Leevi (b. 1998, Helsinki), Helsinki / video, installation

  25. Tvaltvadze Sauli (b. 1996, Lappeenranta), Helsinki / video, media art

  26. Uuttula Silja (b. 1988, Savitaipale), Joensuu / painting, drawing

  27. Vaarnamo Aarni (b. 1989, Helsinki), Helsinki / video, media art

  28. Varjo Fanny (b. 1995, Espoo), Helsinki / sculpture, installation

  29. Yrjölä Eero (b. 1990, Akaa), Helsinki / installation, photography

  30. Zhou Yujie (b. 1997, Chengdu, China), Helsinki / photography, video


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