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Ducat Prize


Ducat Prize, founded in 1858, is the oldest art award in Finland. It is presented by the Art Society annually to a young Finnish artist under 35 in recognition of special merit. The prize is of 16 000 euros. Read more about the awarded Ducat Prizes here.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to older artists in recognition of significant lifetime’s work. The award is of 10 000 euros. Read more about the awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards here.

William Thuring Prizes

The William Thuring Foundation’s main prize and other designated prizes are awarded without application to mid-career artists between ages 35 and 45. On principle, the prizes are awarded annually, and the funds to be awarded are included in the Foundation’s annual donation to the Art Society. The main prize is of 14 000 euros, the other prizes of 6 500 euros each. Read more about the awarded William Thuring -prizes here.

Edvard Richter Award

Edvard Richter Award to art critics and writers who write about art replaced the former Literature Award in 2018. The award is of 10 000 euros. Read more about the awarded Edvard RIchter Awards here.

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