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Signe Tandefelt Grant


The grant named after Signe Tandefelt is targeted at visual art critics and individuals who write about art. The purpose of the grant is to offer the applicant an opportunity to write a review or to engage in a project that increases their expertise as a critic. All successful applicants will receive their grants in December.


Applicants will need to include the intended use of the grant and the amount applied for in their application. The grant is awarded for projects carried out in 2025. Finnish Art Society requires that grant recipients submit a report on the use of the grant.

Apply by filling in the online form. A link to the form will be available HERE as of 1 August. Further information: info (at)


The Signe Tandefelt Grant is awarded to art critics and art writers. It is designed for the purpose promoting art writing and enlivening Finnish art criticism. A total of 37 applications were received this year, six of which were applications submitted by collectives. Nine applicants were awarded grants amounting to 10,000 euros in total.


  1. Hannula Mia (b. 1971, Turku), Turku / €1,000 / working grant for writing a critical essay on interculturalism

  2. Karjalainen Eero (b. 2001, Helsinki), Helsinki / €1,100 / travel grant for attending the 2024 Venice Biennale and Manifesta 15 Biennale

  3. Kolu Marja (b. 1956, Kemi), Kuni / €1,000 / travel grant for visiting and reviewing exhibitions in the regions of Ostrobothnia and Northern Ostrobothnia

  4. Koskela Minnamaria (b. 1970, Helsinki), Jyväskylä / €800 / travel grant for attending and reviewing the 2024 Venice Biennale

  5. Lecklin Johanna (b. 1972, Helsinki), Helsinki / €1,000 / to cover writers’ fees in an essay anthology

  6. Nyman Hannele (b. 1965, Helsinki), Helsinki / €1,200 / for writing a book about Finnish artists and their work

  7. Pulkkinen Joonas (b. 1988, Porvoo), Helsinki / €1,200 / travel grant for attending the Gwangju Biennale and writing about connections between South Korean contemporary art, Korean political history, and the international art market

  8. Sutinen Aino (b. 1983, Espoo), Helsinki / €1,000 / for writing reviews of comics and graphic novels in Sarjainfo periodical

  9. The Finnish Light Art Society FLASH / €1,700 / for hosting a critics’ seminar on light art and for publishing a related anthology of reviews.

SIGNE TANDEFELT (1879–1943) was an artist and a critic who worked as an art critic for the Nya Pressen newspaper since 1912. She was a critic for Hufvudstadsbladet from 1917 until her death in 1943. Tandefelt studied visual arts at the Finnish Art Society’s drawing school and painted reproductions of prominent individuals’ portraits for the Helsinki City Museum.

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